Bucket TeethBucket Teeth and Adapters, Half Arrow

Manufactured from the best quality steel, teeth and adapters are heat treated and hardened to approximately 500 Brinell providing strength and durability.

Adaptors: The following adaptor styles are available:

  • Corner Guard Flush Mounted Weld on
  • Bolt on and Double Strap Weld on

Teeth: An assortment of teeth will assist your digging tasks:

  • Heavy Duty long, Standard long, Abrasion and Penetration

Locks: We supply a comprehensive range of heat-treated pins and retainers

Half arrow and bucket cutting edges rolled and through hardened steel profiles. These are ideally compatible with cutting edges on loader and excavator buckets. While providing reinforcement to the bucket, they are also ideal as side cutters. All ½ arrow profiles are hardened to approximately 500 Brinell.

Half Arrow section – 19mm, 29mm and 40mm, 3,6m lengths

LHD Systems

Whilst specially designed for use with underground mining loaders, they can be used on conventional front end loaders. Available in one size for 30 – 40mm lip thickness

Tipper Loader Backhoe Wearparts

  • Loader bucket teeth, adaptors and locking devices
  • Loader bucket bolt-on segments
  • Backhoe bucket teeth adaptors and locking devices
  • Backhoe bucket side cutters